Dr. Jeanne F. Klopfenstein

Sheena Nagaraja, O.D.

"See the difference."

Is there something not quite right with your vision?

It is important to be aware of the simple things that may indicate a bigger issue with your eyes or your health.  Schedule your appointment today to discuss any symptoms with Dr. Klopfenstein.

Some common disorders include:

   • Glaucoma

   • Cataracts

   • Macular degeneration

   • Computer vision syndrome

With our over 22 years of experience in eye care, you will know that you are in good hands. Trust your eye care needs to professionals who care.

Talk to your doctor about symptoms:

   • Blurry distance vision - nearsighted - myopia

   • Blurry near vision - far sighted - hyperopia

   • Blurry at all distances - astigmatism

Keep an eye on your youngsters

Did you know that 20% of kindergarteners have a vision problem that could affect their learning? Make sure your child is getting the most out of their education and bring them in for a check-up.

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