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Is it time to update your look?

At Insights Eyecare, we have made it a priority to provide our patients with unique styles of high quality eyewear.  After your thorough examination, you will have the opportunity to discuss your eyewear and lifestyle needs with our experienced opticians.

Do you have a lot of screen time?

With today’s technology, our eyes are subjected to the demands of a digital lifestyle.  Computer Vision Syndrome symptoms can be reduced or eliminated by wearing appropriate eyewear, such as the Holyalux TACT lens protected by Recharge EX3.   TACT lenses are “designed for people who perform visually intensive work or hobbies” and are “optimized for indoor activities, providing outstanding near and intermediate vision.”  Even young people can benefit from reduced eyestrain while using their electronic devices by wearing SYNC lenses protected with Recharge EX3.  SYNC lenses “are designed to provide effortless, comfortable viewing adaptations to whatever your visually strenuous days demand.

Are you making the most of your outdoor activities?

   • Single Vision Lenses

   • Bifocals

   • Trifocals

   • Progressive Lenses

   • Digitally Surfaced Lenses

Experience clear vision

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Polarized sunglasses reduce dangerous and distracting glare, which makes them a natural choice for driving, fishing, and outdoor sports.   Sport safety glasses are impact resistant for your eye protection.