Dr. Jeanne F. Klopfenstein


"See the difference."


Dr. Sheena Nagaraja


Dr. Klopfenstein cares about the health of your eyes and your family’s eyes, and their experienced and dedicated team is ready to help.  Regular eye health exams are the key to ensuring the lifelong health of your eyes.

Vision therapy for all ages

We provide treatment of lazy eye (amblyopia) and eye turn (strabismus) through vision therapy.  Treatment may improve visual function, making reading easier or eliminating double vision.

Emergency Care

Emergencies happen, and when they involve your eyes you should have someone with specialty experience take care of you.  If an eye emergency arises, please call Insights Eyecare at any time.  You will be given appropriate instructions.

Pediatric Care

Did you know that 20% of kindergarteners have a vision problem that could affect their learning? Make sure your child is getting the most out of their education and bring them in for a check-up. Click here to read more.

Comprehensive Ocular Health Evaluations

We use state of the art equipment to detect and manage ocular conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, and cataracts.  We also use the latest technology to determine your prescription to provide you with the clearest possible vision.

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